More families to benefit from food aid during Ramadhan

Part of the relief food arranged to ensure social distancing for the beneficiaries when called out to pick their rations.

The Garissa county government has hinted at revising upwards the number of families to benefit from relief food aid during the Ramadhan period

According to the county secretary Abdi Ali some 7,000 families displaced by floods will be added to the list of 6,000 vulnerable people to receive food aid during Ramadhan bringing the total number to 13,000.

Speaking at KEFRI center in Galbet ward Tuesday, where he witnessed the distribution of food aid to 200 families rendered vulnerable after their crops were washed away by floods Ali said that “we could not sit back and watch as more people in need of relief assistance kept growing.”

“Despite our initial plans mooted by Governor Ali Korane to provide food aid support to 6,000 needy families, the floods displaced many other people who are now in need of urgent intervention,” Ali said.

“As we speak plans are underway to reach this new group as the Ramadhan food support programme continues to be extended to the remaining sub counties of Hulugho, Ijara, Fafi, Dadaab, Lagdera and Balambala,” he added.

The county secretary who represented Governor Korane during the food distribution exercise said that it was unfortunate that the situation across the county was worsening by the day and “thus the need for us to stand together.”

 The 200 families from Bulla Medina and Hagar were captured when the team enlisting vulnerable families for the Ramadhan food aid distribution programme were going round identifying the beneficiaries.

 The beneficiaries received maize flour, cooking oil, sugar and wheat flour. They also received free facemasks to limit infection and spread of the coronavirus.