Mother seeks help for independent autopsy on her daughter’s body

Ms Diana Wanjiku Gitata, mother to Esther Nyaguthii Gitata, speaks to the press at Skuta area in Nyeri town

A mother from Ruthanji location, Mukurwei-ini Sub- County in Nyeri County is appealing to the government to help her in a second autopsy on her daughter’s body after disputing the results from the first exercise.

Ms. Diana Wanjiku Gitata said a police officer informed her that the results of the autopsy had shown that her daughter had a swollen liver and had mucus secretion.

“I disputed the results which failed to explain the presence of physical injuries on the forehead that had a bandage, injuries on the neck and fresh blood oozing from the mouth, nose and ears,” Gitata said.

She added, “I found this irregular as a police officer like me is a layman in matters concerning postmortems and I consulted the pathologist who told me the same story without giving me reasons for the presence of the physical injuries and blood.”

            She was speaking to the press Thursday at one of her daughter’s house at Skuta area in the outskirts of Nyeri town.

            She said that her daughter Esther Nyaguthii Gitata, 34, and a mother of three was picked by a male friend on 23rd of last month and they left for Thika town in Kiambu County.

  “Two days later, reports reached us that she had died,” the distraught mother said as she appealed to the government to help her know what caused the death of her daughter.

            Ms. Gitata and some members of her family left for Thika and the male friend told them samples had been taken to a laboratory for a Covid-19 analysis that turned negative.

            Thika police authorized the family to view the body at General Kago Hospital mortuary and noticed it had physical injuries on the forehead, neck and fresh blood oozing from the mouth, ears and the nose.

  The family was told to raise Sh14,000 for an autopsy that they did and the postmortem was conducted on the body but the family disputed the results suspecting foul play.

            Ms. Gitata is now appealing to the government to help her in her efforts of a second postmortem.

  The body is still lying at General Kago Hospital mortuary, a month after her death.