Murder suspect Brian Waweru PHOTO/COURTESY

Brain Waweru is the leading suspect behind the murder of his girlfriend Everlyn Wanjiru. The 25-year-old was arrested by detectives yesterday having gone into hiding after the murder of his girlfriend

The suspect and the deceased are longtime friends, owning a barbershop and beauty parlor business together. However, detectives discovered the two were not in talking terms since October last year after Waweru assaulted the deceased and was arrested and held in Thindigua police post.

After, he was presented before the Kiambu Law Courts and was released on cash bail when he committed the crime. The suspect’s family had approached Everlyn’s father to settle the matter out of court but he rejected the proposal after learning the suspect was a serial offender.

But its during the Christmas period that the two came together. They reunited and enjoyed Christmas and New Year holidays, as a neighbor remembers seeing them get in their rented house on January 1st.

That would be the last time Everlyn Wanjiru was seen alive. Waweru’s aunt discovered the deceased body when she came to the suspects house to find a locked door. Using her spare key she entered the house only to find the deceased body covered in a duvet.

Waweru had already fled. Detectives launched a manhunt for the suspect and arrested him on Wednesday afternoon in Ndenderu area. He has confessed to killing his girlfriend and has revealed to detectives where he hid the murder weapon.

The suspect is in custody and is being processed for arraignment in court.