Muslim faithful urged to celebrate Idd at home

Mikindani ward MCA Juma Renson Thoya addressing community leaders during distribution of water tanks donated by World Vision for handwashing in efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Muslim faithful have been urged to celebrate Idd at home amid the crisis caused by the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking during issuance of water tanks donated by World Vision for hand washing to keep the disease at bay, the youngest elected Member of Mombasa County Assembly Juma Thoya from Mikindani ward commended the Muslim faithful for successfully observing a historic Holy Month of Ramadhan even without physically attending mosques.

Thoya said the move was commendable considering the current covid-19 crisis, while urging Muslims to remain true warriors in the fight against coronavirus by not involving other people in their Idd celebrations besides family members.

This year’s celebrations call for people not to frequent regular places and desist from inviting extended family members or neighbours, but instead they should remain indoors and celebrate at home, added the MCA.

However, he assured the faithful of better days after the coronavirus pandemic, when normalcy would be restored, unlike today when the country is under partial session of movement.

The MCA urged residents to continue observing ministry of health preventive measures including washing of hands, wearing face masks and using sanitizers.

He said the current economic situation makes it hard for people to afford even sh50 for a face mask, but he has partnered with non-governmental organizations and people of good will to provide protective equipment to the residents of Mikindani.