Kenya Broadcasting Company inferno. PHOTO|COURTESY

The early-morning fire that started at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) revealed a problem at the fire service in Nairobi County.

Initial reports state that despite being only two kilometers away, the Nairobi fire department did not react to an emergency call from KBC.

Further information revealed that the team’s fire engines were not operational owing to a lack of insurance, therefore they were unable to respond to the emergency at the state broadcaster.

The County Government led by Governor Anne Kananu pinned the crisis on the delayed disbursment funds by the National Treasury.

According to reports, the insurance on the fire engines ran out a week ago and hasn’t been renewed.

Group of firemen from the National Youth Service (NYS), General Service Unit (GSU), Defense Forces Constabulary – Kahawa Garrison and the G4S came to aid extinguish the fire at KBC.

The fire was put out at approximately 7:30 am, partially destroying the canteen.