Narok Street Children to be rehabilitated

Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti serve tea to street boys during a breakfast meeting held at the Narok town PCEA boys’ home today

Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti has ordered the Children Department to take a database of all the street children in the county in a bid to rehabilitate them.

Speaking today during a breakfast meeting with some of the children held at PCEA Boys’ Children Home, the commissioner said most of the children are from vulnerable backgrounds and returning them to their biological homes could not help them.

“Some of these children are from very vulnerable backgrounds and returning them to their homes means they will continue living a desperate life. We have to look for the best way to help these children move on with a decent life,” said Kimiti.

The commissioner said only 58 children attended the breakfast meeting adding that there are more than 200 children living in the Narok town streets.

“This is a journey we have just begun, I will ensure that we complete it by ensuring that the children attend technical institutions where they can build their talents and earn an income,” said Kimiti.

            He said they will work closely with the department of Health to ensure the children are rightfully treated and those with terminal disease get free drugs to keep them healthy.

            The commissioner called on the business community to come on board and help in supporting the children to have a decent meaningful life instead of treating them as if they were outcasts in the society.

            Mother Love Children Ministry Founder Violet Kwamboka said she has rescued 15 children from the street whom she has put in her home and enrolled them in school.

            “Most of the children I have rescued are from separated families and others are total orphans. I feel bad when I meet a young girl in the streets knowing the dangers she is exposed to,” reiterated Ms. Kwamboka.

One of the street children (name withheld) said he hails from Kiambu County but his mother dumped him in Narok town early this year leaving him with no choice other than joining the street family.

“My mother deceived me that she was going to introduce me to my father who lives in Narok town, and upon reaching the town, she asked me to go ask for water from a nearby hotel and when I returned, I only found my clothes wrapped in a paper bag besides the road. It was the last day I saw my mother,” narrated the ten-year-old boy.