Nairobi expressway

From this Saturday, motorists who want to use the Nairobi Expressway will be unable to pay using M-Pesa, leaving them with only cash and electronic cards as choices. The decision to postpone M-Pesa payments was made because M-Pesa payment would result in traffic congestion at tolling stations and transactions via cash were considered as quick.

“No M-Pesa payment at the moment. It is still in consideration. It will be there in the future,” a spokesperson of the China Road and Bridge Corporation stated

Millions of Kenyans use mobile money to pay for most services, and the delay in integrating it in the payment options may limit motorists who want to use the road without using cash or credit cards.

As part of a plan to entice more users on the road, the company has unveiled a discount mechanism to promote card payments for motorists who load their cards with a minimum of Sh2,000 in toll points.