Parents have been asked to partner with religious organisations to provide care and guidance to their children during this period of Covid-19 pandemic.

            Nyando Legio Maria leader Simon Okwama said it is the responsibility of the community to ensure children were nurtured in good environment that allows positive exploit of their talents.

            Okwama noted many school going children are at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic and parents should not abscond their duty of protecting the teenagers.

            He said the teens were likely to engage in drugs and irresponsible sex if not properly guided from undue pressure and influence from peers.

            “Safety of these young ones is an inclusive responsibility of all of us. Let us mould them to be responsible and discipline citizens in future,”said Okwama.

            Okwama who was speaking on Tuesday at St Abraham Church at Olasi in Nyando added conducive environment for Learners will be of great importance during the soon to be rolled out community learning initiative by the government.

            “The Participatory approach to learning is vital. This will ensure all stakeholders are involved in ensuring the plan is successful,”he stressed.

            He called on the government to offer adequate security while the children will be learning in various places in the community.