Pay salaries for our members, Union demands

The Union of Kenya Civil Servants, Kirinyaga County branch executive committee members during a press conference at a Kerugoya hotel over delayed salary payments of the members .Pic Irungu Mwangi

The Union of Kenya Civil Servants, Kirinyaga branch has expressed concern over the delayed payment of salaries for its member by the area county administration.

The Union wondered why the county government had not paid its employees for two months running.

Through its county secretary Paul Ndungu, the Union said as a result of the nonpayment of the salaries the workers could no longer afford to pay for their house rents and provide for their families.

“County workers can no longer afford to provide basics to their immediate family members or their dependents due to nonpayment of their salaries and we cannot afford to have this trend continue,” Ndungu said.

During a media briefing at a Kerugoya hotel  on Friday, the union warned that unless the anomaly is urgently addressed, the county government should brace itself for an industrial or legal action.

“These workers have outstanding loans to service, NHIF contributions and other obligations besides domestic matters to care for yet the county administration has remained adamant over their plight,”Ndungu said.

At the same time the Union has complained over delayed promotions for their members contrary to the employment Act which requires that an employee should be promoted within three years.

“We are concerned  that the last time promotions for our members were effected was  way back in 2016 yet they not only merit but qualify for such while others have   even attended further training but have since marked time on the same job groups ,”the official said.

On the sacked 370 health workers, the Union  criticised the county administration  for being  insensitive to their plight as they continued to suffer along with their families.

Ndungu said the concerned workers had loans which are now being repaid by their guarantors.