The Moderator of the Presbyterian Churches of East Africa, Rt. Rev. Thegu Mutahi

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Rt. Rev. Thegu Mutahi urged political leaders to go to work now that the elections are over and start delivering on their campaign promises.

“Starting from the president elect to all leaders, we now remind you that the electioneering period is over, and it’s time you roll up your sleeves and start doing what you promise, because 5 years is very short and we would want to see what you have done,” he said.

The church is simultaneously pushing Kenyans to come together in the wake of the fiercely contested elections, urging those who did well to reach out to those who did not win so as to help in healing the country.

He also raised his concerns about leaders under Azimio la Umoja who were now defecting and joining the government urging them to hold theor ground as opposition must play a crucial part in any democracy.

“It doesn’t look good for someone in the opposition to go to government, because they have work to oversee the government, so when those in opposition run to shake hands and be part of government, we are a bit worried, who will be our eyes,” Moderator Thegu said.

In the meanwhile, the Presbyterian Church vowed to assist the government and all elected officials in carrying out their duties whilst stressing that they would be held responsible for keeping the commitments they made to Kenyans.