Protect girls from sex predators, youths urged

Central region youth Coordinator Francis Nderitu during an interview at his office in Nyeri town

The youths in the Central region have been urged to guard school- going girls from men preying on them and especially during this time when they are at home due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

            Central region youth Coordinator Francis Nderitu said wayward men were luring the girls and impregnating them, thus ruining their future.

              Speaking at his office in Nyeri town, the youth coordinator said, “Shout and speak up when you come across an incident,” adding that the youths have a duty to protect their sisters from sex predators.

            Nderitu spoke as the World marks international Youth Day (IYD) Tuesday whose theme is, “Youth Engagement for Global Action.”

             He advised the youth to enroll in Technical and Vocational Training Colleges (TVET) to acquire skills for gainful employment and self-reliance.

            Nderitu noted that the government is aware of the challenges facing them, citing rampant unemployment.

“The government gives Sh30,000 to each student enrolled in TVET and one is allowed to apply for Sh40,000 from HELB. The total fee is Sh56,000 and so the student is left with Sh14,000 as pocket money,” said Nderitu.

            The Coordinator added that the government has also initiated various funds where youths can borrow money and engage in income generating activities citing Uwezo Fund and Affirmative Action funds among others.

            He further said the government has established nine youth empowerment Centres across the region, where young people can access online jobs, get training on entrepreneurship, access Ajira digital and those with music talents record their music in studios.

            The studios are only in two empowerment centres at Nyeri and Nyandarua counties.  Nderitu noted that the youths form a significant constituency in the society and had the energy to transform the country economically and the government is empowering them through various initiatives.

“The government recently rolled out ‘Kazi Mtaani’ to cushion the youth against the adverse effects of Covid-19 and the region has engaged 39,000 youths in the programme,” added Nderitu.

            At the same time, he hailed the government for appointing young leaders to key positions to tap into their potential and set them on the path to early leadership.

            Nderitu asked the youths countrywide to refrain from activities that are harmful to them and the society.