Red Cross vices concern over Covid-19 stigma


Kenya Red Cross Society secretary general Asha Mohammed has appealed to the members of the public to shun stigmatizing victims of coronavirus.

Speaking in Bomet town on Monday the Red Cross boss said that community sensitization should not be done as the government plans to discharge Covid-19 victims for home-based care.

“Our organization is prepared to respond to Covid-related calls across the country but communities should be part of the response,” she said, adding that, “For the move yet to take effect, it was critical for communities across the country who are vulnerable and the affected to get proper sensitization on the pandemic.”

She confirmed that plans are underway at the KRCS level in collaboration with the county governments to increase the number of Community Health Volunteers countrywide to reach a wider scope in response to emergencies.

“Red Cross has always been critical in disaster response and with the current situation in the country, people need our service the most;” she noted. The society has been at the front line in disaster response across the country.

Risks associated with handling Covid-19 victims puts to test the preparedness of first responders in the line of duty. 

The Secretary General during her visit to Bomet County however noted the risk assessment has been done and that first responders will receive proper training to avoid the risk of contracting the virus. 

“Covid cases require a lot of care and equipment” she stated, adding that KRC has used close to Sh 1billion in donor funds on various humanitarian projects in Bomet County.  Bomet governor Dr. Hillary Barchok confirmed that the partnership has been of benefit to the County and that his administration will provide necessary support to aid in its response