Repeal Law to block Importation of Cheap Milk, Eggs

Nyandarua County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich addresses a gathering during the handing over of a Cold Potatoes Storage site to the constructor on June 29, 2020 at Ol Kalou in Nyandarua County.  
Picture by Anne Sabuni

The government is revising laws on importation to block importation of cheap milk to cushion Kenyan producers.

 Principal Secretary for Trade and Industrialization Amb. Johnson Weru said the move, that will see the revocation of Kenya Trade Revenue Agencies Act, will make the recent increment in milk prices and other products meaningful for the Kenyan producers who had suffered from meagre prices.

“We are working towards revoking the Kenya Trade Revenue Agencies Act, so that if such products cause injury to our economy, then they should not be imported.  

“The prices of milk were increased from Sh.17 to Sh.34 a litre and for us to protect our producers, we cannot continue allowing importation of more milk,” said Weru adding that poultry farmers will also benefit as eggs importation too will be revoked.

Weru who spoke in Nyandarua on Monday during the handing over of Potatoes Storage and processing plant, announced that the government would use Shs.500 million in capacity building the farmers in the county in chemical use to improve the quality of produce in Nyandarua.

“This should prepare the farmers in minimum residue levels in crops to improve their produce for exports,” he added saying that a laboratory envisaged by the county would come in handy.

The PS regretted that unscrupulous traders were selling substandard and counterfeit products that were harmful to the consumers, while failing to adhere to the set measures.

“We are going to deploy officers for weights and measures in the region to weed out these rogues. The Anti Counterfeit team too, will be here to ensure consumers get value for money,” added Weru, regretting that traders were out to evade payment of tax.

Nyandarua County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich said that the security officers will work together with the anti-counterfeit teams to ensure that substandard products are cleared to save the residents by their money and health.