Residents of Ratanga in Kwabwai raise concern over insecurity due to power outages


Residents and business community in Ratanga trading center, Kwabwai ward, Ndhiwa Sub County have expressed fear over escalating insecurity due to a prolonged power shortage.

The power outage started after the main transformer supplying electricity to the centre and its environs broke down two weeks ago.

The residents claim that the area has been in darkness since the transformer broke down raising fears of insecurity and that no action has been taken by Kenya Power to address the problem.

Samson Ogara said that traders who entirely depend on electricity for their day to day business operations have incurred huge losses over the power blackout in the area.

Ogara said that cases of burglary have also increased in the area since most of the criminals took advantage of the darkness at the trading center to terrorize residents.

 The residents called on leaders to intervene and compel Kenya power company to replace the transformer so that electricity can be restored, saying their efforts to reach them have been futile.

However, contacted by KNA, Kenya Power County Manager Ken Okumbe said that the issue was being addressed to ensure restoration is done by early next week.