Roots party presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah

Roots Party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah has denied having dual citizenship in response to a petition filed by a lawyer over his prior attempt to become a member of the UK parliament.

He said while speaking to NTV  that Kenya is a member of the commonwealth and that he tried to compete for a seat in Tottenham using the international organisation status.

He insisted that the petition was poorly planned and would fail as soon as the UK made his citizenship clear.

“I have never changed my citizenship. These people ought to read. They just have to access the internet and google instead of writing to the British High Commission. I am a Kenyan with the highest level of academia. I tried to run for office under the third qualification as a commonwealth leave to remain in the UK. You do not necessarily have to be a citizen,” he stated.

Stephen Gachie, a lawyer, had made the case that Wajackoyah was unable to apply for a parliamentary seat in the UK if he lacked British citizenship.

“We want to establish for ourselves whether indeed he is a citizen of the UK. We equally copied the letter to the IEBC to put them in the know of what we are doing. If he holds dual citizenship then that impairs his capacity to vie as the President of the Republic of Kenya,” Gachie argued.

Due to conflicts of interest, dual citizenship laws in Kenya prohibit Kenyans from running for elected office.