President William Ruto with US Head of State Anthony Blinken.

While in New York, President William Ruto met with the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken. According to Secretary Blinken, the two leaders talked about regional peace and security as well as ongoing efforts by Kenya and the United States to combat hunger.

“Good meeting with Kenyan President William Ruto to discuss our countries’ ongoing efforts to address food insecurity and regional peace and security. I look forward to strengthening our strategic partnership, especially on trade and investment,” he tweeted on his official social media platform.

The Secreatry of State also voiced optimism for the bilateral ties between the two nations, highlighting trade and investment as two important areas in which the United States wants to work with Kenya going ahead.

The two leaders met during the ongoing United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), where President Ruto also delivered his maiden speech.

President Ruto requested the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to grant debt relief to nations severely affected by the COVD-19 pandemic as they also take into account countries who are impacted by both war and climate change.

“On behalf of Kenya, therefore, I join other leaders in calling upon the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other multilateral lenders to extend pandemic-related debt relief to the worst hit countries, especially those affected by the devastating combination of conflict, climate change and covid-19,” he stated.

President also endorsed his bottom-up economic model agenda, telling foreign leaders that his administration aims to involve Kenya’s working majority, who are now marginalized, in the country’s economic mainstream.

“Building back better from the bottom upwards is, essentially, about including the marginalised working majority in the economic mainstream,” he affirmed.