Toyota Gazoo Racing rally car

The World Safari Rally (WRC) series is taking place in Naivasha this weekend, and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has provided safety instructions for spectators.

The National Transportation Safety Administration (NTSA) provided a list of dos and don’ts for visitors to the worldwide event along with an alert that was released on Friday, June 23.

While stating that it was dangerous for spectators to stand near to routes taken by the rally drivers, the road safety agency warned Kenyans against crossing safety tapes erected by the organizers.

Additionally, according to the NTSA, event marshals would direct fans to the safest places to stand while they amuse themselves. Importantly, the government cautioned that special credentials for spectators might be removed for unruly behavior.

“Especially dangerous locations are marked that are marked as prohibited areas or no-go zone areas, do not try to enter these places, they can be terminally unsafe! Do not stand on escape roads as well. Obey the organisers’ instructions. If people are asked by the route marshals to leave dangerous places on the SS route, they should follow these instructions. In case of indiscipline, the special stage will be cancelled!” read the directive.

The rally cars represented a safety risk, so spectators were also cautioned to remain vigilant while applauding and be prepared to flee in case of any incident.

“Keep the distance from the edge of the roadway. Keep in mind the high speed of competing cars. It is impossible to eliminate either the driver’s mistake or an unpredictable technical defect of the vehicle. Don’t sit by the SS route and always watch, what’s happening on the special stage. Think of quick evacuation of your place, at any time keep prepared an escape way and be prepared for quick reaction,” read the advisory

Kenyans who brought their kids to the event were urged to watch them closely since they may easily stray and into the rally path.

However, to prevent losses that may result from a collision with fast rally cars, drivers were encouraged to park their automobiles in authorized parking places.