Photo of Davies Simiyu Musundi at Thika West DCI. PHOTO/COURTSEY

Police Inspector Davies Simuyu Musundi of Kikuyu Police Station is behind bars for personation and forgery.

The officer was rescued from an angry mob by police officers who were on patrol after he demanded a bribe from a liquor store owner, in Thika. The officer was posing as a KRA official.

The business owner was not ready to proffer. Things escalated and the residents cornered him and beat him to a pulp. Lucky for the officer, police patrolling nearby heard the commotion and came to his rescue before serious damage was done.

Its after interrogations that the police figured out that Mr. Simiyu was a con. He has been charged with impersonating KRA official and will face three court cases at the Nakuru and Milimani Law Courts.