Security agents in search of bandits Photo|Standard

Five people were shot dead in the Ntulili district of Tigania West on Monday evening in a suspected revenge assault after ten camels were killed by unknown people.

The killings occur as tensions rise along the Meru-Isiolo border over a long-running conflict that has cost 18 lives so far this year.

The incident was confirmed by Meru County Commissioner Fred Ndunga.

Residents say the attack by armed bandits began at 7 p.m., when a boda boda driver and passenger were shot dead near KK Primary School on Meru-Muriri road.

On the location, two persons were slain. By Tuesday midday, nine expended gunshot cartridges remained at the location of the incident.

A vehicle on the same road was also shot at, killing one of the passengers.

Another two people were killed in the jungle near KK Primary School.

Mr Marimba Aruyaru, a local, claimed the attackers began firing firearms at 7 p.m. and continued till 10 p.m.

“Police officers arrived after the assailants had fled. Two brothers were among those killed. One was manning the KK primary school and the other was herding goats.

Hezron Mageria, the constituency manager for Tigania West, chastised the national government for failing to act despite the ongoing deaths.

“The police promised to act after seven individuals were killed in January. Two weeks ago, five individuals were killed, and more action was promised. The Minister of the Interior should be forthright about the government’s inaction “Mr. Mageria explained.