Homa Bay law courts being fumigated after three court users tested positive for Covid-19. 

Proceedings in Homa Bay law courts were yesterday temporarily suspended to allow fumigation after three regular court users tested positive for Covid-19.

            Two staff members from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) in Homa Bay tested positive for the virus, while another staff member from Ndhiwa law court also tested positive for Covid-19.

            Senior Principal Magistrate Thomas Obutu said they have scaled down operations to minimize spread of the virus among court users. He said any proceedings for the next 14 days, will henceforth be carried out virtually.

            Speaking to the press Friday, Obutu said they have liaised with Homa Bay health department to fumigate the premises to prevent the virus.

            “The suspension is one of the preventive measures we have taken to stop further spread of the virus. We have informed the national office about the scale down of operations,” said Obutu, adding that during the suspension, suspects will only be allowed to take plea virtually.      

“Unless there will be an urgent and serious matters, that is when we’ll have open court sessions which will be conducted in the open air,” he added.           

Obutu said they are currently undergoing mandatory testing for the Covid-19 virus with any judiciary staff found to be positive being advised to isolate adding that fumigation of Directorate of Public Prosecution offices is also ongoing.          

The Magistrate said work will resume after two weeks but it will depend on the advice from the Ministry of Health.    

Homa Bay Health Executive Member Prof. Richard Muga said the three judiciary staff members who tested positive are undergoing home-based care.      

“Fumigation of court rooms and other offices will be done regularly as well as collection of samples for tests,” Muga said.