Three suspects arrested in Homa Bay County over covid 19

Homa Bay County commissioner Yatich Kipkemei during a press briefing in his office where he warned the locals against crossing to Tanzania to attend funerals to curb the spread of Corona virus.
Photo: By Davis Langat.

Security officers in Homa Bay have arrested three Tanzanians and placed them under mandatory quarantine for illegally crossing the border into Kenyan markets for business.

Homa Bay County commissioner Yatich Kipkemei said the three were arrested at Nyandiwa trading centre in Suba South constituency on Thursday in efforts to curb spread od Covid-19.

Kipkemei said concerned residents alerted security officers about sighting strangers at the market before they were rounded up.

The suspects were quarantined at Homa Bay Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) where health officers took their samples for covid-19 testing.

“I appeal to residents to continue working closely with security officers and report people they suspect can spread the virus,” Kipkemei said.

He said a total of 35 individuals including the three individuals have  so far been   seized by Homa Bay surveillance and health officers in relations to crossing borders of Kenya and Tanzania.

Last Saturday, a 45 year old woman in Mikuyu village in Suba South tested positive after she traveled to Tanzania and back.

The woman stayed for two weeks in Tanzania after attending a burial of her relative.

“We’ll be quarantining Covid-19 suspects together with their entire families if they continue to cross border illegally,” Mr.  Kipkemei  warned.

He urged area residents to stop unnecessary travels to Tanzania to avoid possible spread of the virus.