Transport companies to ensure drivers are tested at point of origin

A section of truck drivers standing at the entrance of Busia One Stop Border Post after they were allegedly denied entry into Uganda

Busia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri (CC) has urged owners of transport companies to ensure that truck drivers are tested for Covid-19 and issued with clearance certificates before departure.

Speaking to the press  at  his office on Wednesday, Kanyiri said the move will help ease long queues being experienced at both Busia and Malaba border points.

‘The government issued a directive that all  transporting companies ensure that their drivers and entire crew are tested at point of origin instead of waiting to be tested at the border point of exit,” he said.

He stated that the County has kicked off mass testing for the disease but still had teething problems forcing drivers to wait for longer hours.

‘Such drivers might be forced to take two to three days in Busia because our neighbouring country of Uganda cannot allow them entry without Covid-19 certificate,’ he said.

The CC advised the local residents not to engage closely with truck drivers adding that most of the Covid-19 cases in the County have originated from the drivers.

‘If the drivers insist in coming without Covid-19 clearance certificates, then they will be forced to park their vehicles away from Busia town as they wait to be tested at the border,’ he said.

Kanyiri disclosed that there were only two laboratory technicians at both Busia and Malaba border post to carry out the test leading to the long queues at the two border points.