Crime scene police line.

A manhunt has been launched for two brothers who are suspected to have savagely murdered their 60-year-old father at Kiamisiori Bogetunya village in Kisii.

Boniface Osoro Saisi also know as Bob and his brother Getaro Osoro went missing at 9am yesterday Sunday, 30th after killing their father leaving the suspected killer weapons behind; a slasher and a kitchen knife.

The old man’s wails alerted the neighbors who came to his rescue only to find him in a pool of blood with deep cuts on the left collar bone, chest and the right wrist.

Both suspects managed to flee the scene before responders could get a hold of them. Police continue to search for the two suspects and investigate to determine the cause of the attack.

“Police have intensified search for the two killer sons, as probe continues to establish the motive behind the deadly attack,” DCI reported.