Outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming the election results, outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta made a quick statement but omitted to congratulate or even mention President-elect William Ruto.

“I want to wish well all who have won as they guide our country into the future. I thank you all for the opportunity to serve,” he stated failing to mention President-elect William Ruto.

He assured to oversee a smooth transition to the next administration.

“All the necessary orders to facilitate this process have already been issued,” he affirmed.

In addition, he asked Kenyans to respect the institutions that midwife their future leaders and to hold them accountable on a regular basis as part of their civic responsibility.

“Because democracy is a work in progress, I urge the country to respect the institutions that midwife our new leaders,” he stated.

After the court’s ruling that afternoon, Dr. Ruto declared in a speech that he would contact President Kenyatta to discuss the transfer to his administration. Notably, Mr. Kenyatta’s address made no indication of whether the call had actually occurred or whether he intended to speak with his deputy about the situation.

Dr. Ruto acknowledged that he hadn’t spoken to Mr. Kenyatta in months but promised to do so as well as respect the ougoing president as he retires.

“We will respect Mr Kenyatta in his retirement. We will give him the honour he deserves. We are not petty,” he stated.