Waiguru defends Jubilee’s disciplinary action

Governor Anne Waiguru distributes some foodstuffs to victims of recent floods at Kithiriti primary school grounds.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has maintained   it was in-order for the Jubilee party to crack the whip on its wayward members.

Waiguru said there was no way a member who opted to go against the party constitution would be spared.

She said there has never been any situation world over where a party leader would be in subordinated by some party members.

“When you look at Narc-Kenya, ODM, Wiper, etc, their members always abide by the prescribed code of party conduct   short of which any errant member is subjected to a disciplinary process,” she said.

Waiguru therefore saw no need for anyone to criticize the jubilee leadership after disciplining some of its members who had gone against it

The first time governor also defended the party against claims that it was intimidating some of the members who are due to face the disciplinary committee.

She said the same disciplinary measure should be extended to the County assemblies and get rid of those opposed to Jubilee agenda of development.

“We should be speaking in one voice especially where development of our people is involved,” Waiguru said

The governor said the party should take stern action against Jubilee nominated MCAs who are not supportive of the party agenda in their counties since they only serve to advance their interests and not of the party which nominated them.

She was speaking to the media at Kithiriti primary school of Nyangati Ward where she distributed relief food to flood victims in the area this afternoon.

The governor said the food recipients had suffered massive loses of their property to the floods due to the area terrain.

 “This area being low lying is prone to floods which leave a trail of destruction to property hence our presence here today to donate some foodstuffs which have been provided for by the national government to the residents, “she said.

She added that the families which benefited from the donations were mostly those who depended on support from their children who have now been locked up in Nairobi due to the outbreak of the corona virus.

“Besides the lock down in Nairobi, some of such children have lost their jobs leaving the families vulnerable hence we are here making sure that none of them goes hungry, “she said.