Water levels at Lake Naivasha hits record .


Water levels at Lake Naivasha have hit the highest levels ever at 1896m Above Sea level (ASL) following the ongoing heavy rains with projections that this could rise further in the coming days. 

The water levels has left a trail of destruction with flower farmers, hoteliers, private individual businesses and institutions located around the lake counting losses running into millions of shillings. 

According to latest data, the  1896m Above Sea level (ASL) is the highest ever compared to  1880m registered in December last year. 

According to the chairman Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association David Kilo, the waters has seen all the four landing beaches submerged in water while residents of Kihoto estate which border the lake have been advised to relocate to higher grounds for their own safety. 

Kilo said the ongoing rains mainly in the Aberdares at the neighbouring Nyandarua County were responsible for the current flooding. 

Speaking after a tour of the lake, Kilo said that properties belonging to the hoteliers, farmers and Power Generating Company Kengen had been damaged.

“This is the highest water levels in this lake and all the landing beaches, several flower farms and homes are now submerged in water,” he said. 

Kilo said that the structures from the destructions now posed a pollution threat to the lake’s fragile ecosystem. 

“With the rise in the water levels, there has been an increase in fish catch but we are worried by the pollution mainly from nearby informal settlements and institutions around the lake,” he said. 

The chairman Kamere landing beach Daniel Othim said that boat operators were the hardest hit and had been forced to relocate.  

Othim said that this had seen tens of people lose their jobs after their personal effects were damaged following the flooding of the landing beach. 

He added that the lake appearred to have been reclaiming its land noting that for years, individuals had continued to encroach on the riparian land.