Men are losing thousands of shillings at the hands of women who stalk entertainment places and poison their drinks, according to recent reports. To make their victims more vulnerable to theft, the thieves lace their beverages. The medications used by the thieves mimic cereal grains, thus the name ‘Mchele.’

They escort their victims out of these nightclubs minutes later. Victims reawaken hours or days later to discover that their money and other things gone.

The drug is used in surgeries as a form of anesthetics to numb the brain, inducing sleep during complex surgical procedures.

High dosages of these medicines have resulted in fatalities, lifelong amnesia, and days of sleepiness.

The central nervous system is affected by both alcohol and ‘Mchele’ medications thus victims in bars are most vulnerable to the spiking. Both alcohol and the drug makes the central nervous system to overwork which is responsible for the voluntary and involuntary activities such as breathing.

People have been advised to always keep an eye on their drink, whether it’s alcoholic or not and to go out with a trusted companion to keep an eye on each other.