DP Ruto addressing a crowd in Vihiga County

Deputy President William Ruto lost his cool while speaking at an unruly Kenya Kwanza rally in Vihiga County.

A very enraged DP took on one young fan and urged him to either be quiet or leave the assembly after pleading with them on many times.

Musalia Mudavadi, the head of the ANC party, did not attend the rally that was held in his home ground.


At first, Ruto had cautioned a portion of the unruly audience to behave properly and show respect to the dignitaries attending the ceremony. The DP stated that he would not permit the throng to disrupt the event and would instead use a more effective  strategy to deal with the unruly supporters.

“Let us have respect, as the Kenya Kwanza coalition we are people of order and of respect. Let us not turn this into chaos. When I stand here as the coalition’s leader, know that it’s a combination of UDA, ANC, FORD-Kenya, and other parties, so let us have some decorum,” he stated.

The DP emphasized that the violent crowd’s behavior were not indicative of the Kenya Kwanza coalition’s objectives.

“The next government will not be built based on chaos. Leadership will not be founded on conflict so I urge all of you to be patient and all the politicians will be given a chance to address you,” he added.