Bonde village women in Kuresoi North now want the government to step up crackdown on illicit brew, saying they are at risk of contracting covid-19 disease. 

 Speaking during a demonstration at the area Deputy County Commissioner’s Office, Caroline Kosgey said that they were agitated since the onset of the curfew, their men throng drinking dens to consume the brew and the trend now is worrying. 

 Kosgey says that the measures put in place by the Ministry of Health, including social distancing, closure of pubs and bars among others were in a bid to curb the spread of the covid-19 disease.

However, they complain that their men, rarely observe this more so when drank, they do not respect social distance and stay at home directive and instead, they sneak into drinking dens.

They accused the police of being reluctant on the matter, saying that they were aware of those conducting this illegal business. 

Among other issues they raised concern on, were threat to family unit, insecurity, loss of resources due to excessive drinking hence the need for a lasting solution to save generations to come. 

After listening to them, The Kuresoi North Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Felix Watakila, promised to take more action including their suggestion on transferring police officers who have worked for a long period in the area. 

He directed Chiefs and their Assistants to work closely with the residents in accessing more information on those brewing and selling illicit liquor so that proper and accurate action can be taken to eradicate the business. 

The DCC directed the police, to intensify patrols and ensure curfew orders are adhered to while those found consuming the brews in the wrong hours face the wrath the law.